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Chord Progression Chart
Harmonic Scales and Nashville Numbers
for All Major and Minor Keys

19" W x 27" H    See It ALL On Your WALL   (49 x 68 cm)

Unique                Useful                  Laminated

Roedy Black's Chord Progression Chart is available for $6.00 (ultra-high resolution PDF) and as a laminated wall poster directly from the publisher at:

Roedy Black Music Shop


  • The Chord Progression Chart shows the harmonic scales and Nashville Numbers for all major and minor keys.

  • The Nashville Numbers around the inside of each circle remain constant while the chords around the outside change according to the specific key.

  • The Chord Progression Chart will save you tons of time and tedious effort, especially when you want to get creative with variant chords and modulations to other keys.

  • For complete explanations of harmonic scales and Nashville Numbers, consult How Music REALLY Works!, 2nd Edition, which covers these topics in detail, with many examples.


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