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Chapter 3:
How Tones and Overtones REALLY Work

Chapter Index

3.1  Tones and Their Properties

3.1.1 “Anything You Can Do”

3.1.2 Pitch: “I Can Sing Anything Higher Than You”

3.1.3 Loudness: “I Can Sing Anything Softer Than You”

3.1.4 Duration: “I Can Hold Any Note Longer Than You”

3.1.5 Tone Color: “I Can Sing Anything Sweeter Than You”

3.2  Overtones: The Harmonic Series

3.2.1 The Tone Path To Your Brain

3.2.2 A House Is Not a Home, and a Tone Is Not a Tone

3.2.3 So, What Exactly Are Harmonics/Overtones?

3.2.4 Not Just One Overtone—A Bunch of ‘Em

3.2.5 The Harmonic Series (Overtone Series)

3.2.6 Your Brain’s Automatic Tone-processing Skill

3.2.7 Bring Out Those Overtones!

3.2.8 Overtones Identify Musical Instruments and Voices


3.3  How Musical Instruments Work (Including the Voice)

3.3.1 What’s A Musical Instrument, Anyway?

3.3.2 Setting Resonators in Motion, Directly and Indirectly

3.3.3 Categories of Musical Instruments

3.3.4 Idiophones: Percussion Instruments without a Membrane

3.3.5 Membranophones: Percussion Instruments with a Membrane

3.3.6 Aerophones: Wind Instruments, Including the Voice

3.3.7 Chordophones: Stringed Instruments

3.3.8 Electrophones: Instruments That Produce Sound Electronically


3.4  Tone Properties and Their Emotional Effects

3.4.1 Emotional Valence and Intensity

3.4.2 Emotional Effects of Pitch

3.4.3 Emotional Effects of Loudness

3.4.4 Emotional Effects of Tone Color


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 The Big Picture    Introduction

   1. W-5 of Music
2. Pop Music

 Building Blocks
 of Music
   3. Tones/Overtones
   4. Scales/Intervals
   5. Keys/Modes
 How to Create
 Powerful Music
 and Lyrics
   6. Chords/

   7. Pulse/Meter/

   8. Phrase/Form
   9. Melody
 10. Lyrics
 11. Repertoire/


 Making a
 Living In Music
 12. Business of



























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